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List 4 and 5 Vocab (copy)

Author: Neville Kathy
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1. a large amount; more than enough
A) abundance
B) precocious
C) mortal
D) strife

2. deadly, lethal, fatal
A) mortal
B) prudent
C) immortal
D) abundance

3. beautiful, amazing
A) glorious
B) immortal
C) prudent
D) avenge

4. never dying, endless
A) immortal
B) cherish
C) precocious
D) indomitable

5. impassible, unbreakable
A) impenetrable
B) strife
C) iridescent
D) drudgery

6. cautious, having good sense
A) prudent
B) iridescent
C) mortal
D) abundance

7. shimmering, sparkling, shining
A) iridescent
B) savory
C) drudgery
D) impenetrable

8. conflict, rivalry, fighting
A) strife
B) iridescent
C) insatiable
D) abundance

9. witty, gifted, intelligent
A) precocious
B) insatiable
C) drudgery
D) strife

10. grieve, lament; to feel sadness
A) mourn
B) impenetrable
C) cherish
D) immortal

11. flavorful, appetizing
A) savory
B) iridescent
C) glorious
D) prudent

12. unconquerable, invincible
A) indomitable
B) mourn
C) immortal
D) glorious

13. greedy; always wanting more
A) insatiable
B) immortal
C) strife
D) savory

14. exhausting, boring work
A) drudgery
B) savory
C) glorious
D) precocious

15. to get even; to take revenge
A) avenge
B) prudent
C) savory
D) abundance