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Science Questions

Author: Schneider Jonathan
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1. Who is the current Prime Minister?
A) Steven Harper
B) El Chupacabra
C) The Green Hornet
D) Justin Trudeau

2. Fire, lightning, and the sun are this state of matter.
A) liquid
B) solid
C) gas
D) plasma

3. A mechanical mixture means you can ______
A) all parts look the same
B) eat it
C) see the different parts of it
D) crush it with a machine

4. This is an example of a mechanical mixture.
A) trail mix
B) gold
C) salt
D) ocean water

5. This is an example of a pure substance.
A) ocean water
B) trail mix
C) coffee with two creams and two sugars
D) salt

6. This is an example of a solution.
A) coffee with cream stirred up
B) corn flakes with milk
C) silver
D) gold

7. A solution is a mixture where _________
A) you can see the different parts
B) it looks the same throughout
C) it has only 3 parts
D) it includes salt

8. This is the largest continent.
A) Asia
B) Africa
C) Europe
D) Australia

9. This is the current President of the United States.
A) Darcy McGee
B) Osama Bin Laden
C) Barack Obama
D) Ronald Reagan