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Monroe Review Game

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Answer the multiple choice questions within the time limit.
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1. %22Don%27t Mess With the West!%22 best describes which document?
A) Washington%27s Farewell Address
B) U.S. National Anthem
C) Monroe Doctrine
D) U.S. Constitution

2. What is a foreign policy?
A) a government%27s plan for dealing with its citizens
B) an immigrant%27s plan for surviving in a new country
C) the process for becoming a U.S. citizen
D) a government%27s strategy in dealing with other nations

3. Which of the following describes the Monroe Doctrine?
A) It encouraged European powers to invest money in the U.S.
B) It prevented Europe interference in the western hemisphere.
C) It motivated Congress to declare war on South America.
D) It encouraged trade with Europe.

4. (1) steamboat case (2) gave federal government control of interstate trade Which Supreme Court case is described above?
A) Marbury v. Madison
B) McCulloch v. Maryland
C) Worchester v. Georgia
D) Gibbons v. Ogden

5. Which Supreme Court case said that Congress could have a national bank and states could not tax them?
A) Marbury v. Madison
B) McCulloch v. Maryland
C) Gibbons v. Ogden
D) Worcester v. Georgia

6. What do Gibbons v. Ogden and McCulloch v. Maryland have in common?
A) They both increased power of the federal government.
B) They both decreased power of the federal government.
C) They both dealt with interstate commerce.
D) They gave states the final say in trade decisions.

7. Who was known as the %22Great Compromiser%22?
A) James Monroe
B) John Marshall
C) Francis Scott Key
D) Henry Clasy

8. Why is the Missouri Compromise significant?
A) It led to the Industrial Revolution.
B) It ended slavery in the U.S.
C) It increased trade in the South.
D) It maintained the balance of slave and free states.

9. Under the Missouri Compromise, Maine entered the Union as a...
A) free state
B) slave state
C) neutral state
D) slave territory

10. Under the Missouri Compromise, Missouri entered the Union as a ____ state.
A) free
B) slave
C) undecided
D) neutral

11. Under Monroe%27s presidency, there was shift from neutrality to _____.
A) conflict
B) peace
C) isolationism
D) revolution