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Jewish Festivals

Author: Bondy Michelle
Description: Sort the following statements based on which Jewish festival they apply to.
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1. Hanukkah
2. Passover
3. Purim
4. Tishah B%27Av

0. Eight day festival
1. Best known Jewish festival
2. Also called Pesach
3. A day to remember those murdered in the Holocaust
4. A number of disasters have occured on this day
5. Celebrates the story of Esther, the Jewish queen
6. People dress in odd clothes
7. The scroll of Esther is read aloud
8. A nine-branch menorah is used
9. Fried foods are eaten on this day
10. The Seder meal is eaten on this day
11. Play with dreidels
12. Gelt is given
13. Celebrates the Israelites escape from Egypt
14. The Book of Exodus is read
15. This festival is celebrated in the home
16. The most important religious festival
17. Occurs in Nisan or April
18. Occurs in Kislev and Tevet or December
19. Occurs in Av or July
20. Occurs in Adar or February/March
21. Festival of Lights
22. The one-day supply of oil burned for eight days