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Jefferson Review Game

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Answer each multiple choice questions within the time limit.
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1. Which of the following banned foreign trade and ended up hurting the U.S. economy?
A) Treaty of Paris
B) Alien and Sediton Acts
C) Intolerable Acts
D) Embargo Act

2. Why did Jefferson pass the Embargo Act?
A) to strengthen the U.S. economy
B) to end smuggling of goods
C) to avoid war with Great Britain and maintain neutrality
D) to gain support from England

3. Some were upset with Jefferson%27s purchase of Louisiana Territory because
A) he spent too much money for the land.
B) his actions were not clearly allowed in the Constitution.
C) Washington said to avoid doing business with foreign countries.
D) the purchase could lead to war with Spain.

4. The Marbury v. Madison decision established the idea of
A) unalienable rights
B) nullification
C) civic virtue
D) judicial review

5. Marbury v. Madison gave the Supreme Court
A) 9 justices.
B) less power.
C) final say in interpreting the Constitution.
D) unlimited powers.

6. Lousiana Territory was purchased in
A) 1776
B) 1787
C) 1803
D) 1820

7. During this time, who was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
A) John Marshall
B) John Winthrop
C) John Smith
D) John Adams

8. With Lousiana Purchase, Jefferson switched from being a strict constructionist to someone who believes that
A) the government%27s power should be limited.
B) if something is not written in the Constitution, it cannot be done.
C) actions can be done as long as they are %22necessary and proper%22.
D) the president has supreme power in the land.

9. An embargo is
A) a law that prohibited U.S. ships from trading in all foreign ports.
B) a tax on foreign goods.
C) a law that silenced critics of the government.
D) a trade law that benefited the U.S.