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Foreign policy - Jeffersonian Era - Unit Four - Drag and Drop

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: DRAG and DROP Activity - Please complete until earning 100%25 once. Think about the relationships between the United States and foreign powers. Match each idea with either Britain, the Barbary states, France or Spain. Please complete until earning 100%25 once.
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1. Britain
2. Barbary States
3. France
4. Spain

0. Morocco
1. attempted to suppress L%27Ouverture revolt
2. attempted to defeat McHenry and advance on Baltimore
3. nation%27s vessel Leopard attacked Chesapeake
4. Tunisia
5. initially appeared prepared to abide by Macon%27s Bill
6. through Treaty of 1818 would jointly occupy Oregon
7. Rush-Bagot sought to demilitarize Great Lakes
8. Algeria
9. Burr %26 Wilkinson sought to seize territory from empire
10. Adams-Onis Treaty would turn Florida over to US
11. nation which enforced Monroe Doctrine with navy
12. Tripoli (now known as Libya)
13. sold Louisiana to the United States
14. controlled far western part of North America plus Texas
15. this nation had long term interest in Oregon fur trading
16. issued Milan %26 Berlin decree to inhibit British trade
17. famous for impressment of American sailors
18. Jackson advanced into territory to attack tribes
19. sought revenge for burning of Canadian Parliament
20. %22Jeffs%22 / small naval vessels made to combat them
21. some Federalists continued trade with during war
22. %22Mr. Madison%27s War%22 broke out with this country
23. controlled territory to the north of United States
24. demanded pay offs to avoid attacks
25. gave up on North American empire after Haiti revolt
26. Treaty of Ghent was signed but changed little
27. gave up Louisiana right before Louisiana Purchase
28. conflict with one known as Tripolitan War
29. torched the US Capitol and White House
30. Battle of New Orleans was a victory over this nation
31. Oliver Perry won Great Lake victory against