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Library and Genre Vocabulary

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0. database
1. poetry
2. fantasy
3. science fiction
4. realistic fiction
5. periodical
6. adventure
7. search engine
8. historical fiction
9. nonfiction
10. mystery
11. reference
12. fiction
13. horror fiction
14. library
15. biography

0. about a puzzling event such as a crime
1. provides access to print, audio, visual or online information
2. information that answers who, what, where, when
3. fiction that takes place in history
4. stories made up by the author
5. scary fiction
6. online resource containing many facts that you can search
7. tells the true story of a real person%27s life
8. fiction that has magical events, characters, or creatures
9. fiction that has futuristic science in its setting
10. magazine or newspaper
11. true information
12. service that searches the internet for you
13. fiction that could happen and has today%27s world as its setting
14. fiction that tells of exciting or dangerous events
15. writing that has special sound patterns such as rhythm or rhyme