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Crime Nouns and Verbs

Author: Jantz Ginger
Keywords: crime, ESL, , , , , online teaching

0. domestic
1. penalty
2. crime
3. victim
4. possess
5. criminal
6. consequence
7. police officer
8. observe
9. suspect
10. forensics
11. detective
12. witness
13. evidence
14. arrest
15. autopsy

0. what happens because of what you did; result of an action
1. punishment for a crime
2. person who breaks the law, doesn%27t do what the law says
3. examining a corpse to find the cause of death
4. person who is hurt by a crime
5. information or facts used to prove who committed a crime
6. person whose job is to protect people
7. look at carefully; examine closely
8. think it%27s true, but not be sure
9. have
10. person who looks for evidence related to a crime
11. person who sees a crime take place
12. stop
13. using science to find who committed a crime
14. breaking the law; not doing what the law says
15. at home