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Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, or Sentence

Author: Jantz Ginger
Description: Sort the strings of words into the correct category.
Keywords: grammar, ESL, noun phrase, verb phrase, sentence, , online teaching

1. noun phrase
2. verb phrase
3. sentence
4. group_name4

0. his long, bushy beard
1. ran down the dark alley
2. dogs bark
3. my broken heart
4. birds in the tree
5. quietly passed a note
6. his brother sleeps
7. sailed the seven seas
8. sweet dreams of glory
9. decided to cut his hair
10. at night I hide
11. comic books are cool
12. one quick throw
13. smiled
14. classes bore me
15. scary superhero comics
16. an action-filled movie
17. at the same time sneezed
18. thieves stole the diamonds
19. slowly threw it in the trash
20. your last chance
21. through the window went
22. it sailed across the sky
23. time never ends
24. cars
25. whispered quietly
26. flowers smell pretty
27. an amazing adventure
28. money in her pocket
29. magically stopped time
30. a bright, hot sun rose
31. surfed the internet