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Jacksonian America 1 - Politics %26 Economics

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Select the best answer for each multiple choice question. Please complete the exercise until earning at least a 90%25.
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1. Even though %22Era of the Common Man,%22 is connected with the 1820%27s and 1830%27s, Jackson demonstrated little interest in assisting the following groups with the exception of:
A) Middle class women
B) Native American Chiefs
C) Lower class African Americans
D) Lower class whites

2. Nicknames with both negative and positive connotations were associated with Jackson%27s presidency. Which of the following wasn%27t used to represent Jackson?
A) Nullify Ninny
B) the Hero
C) Old Hickory
D) King Andy

3. %22Peel back tariffs President%22 wouldn%27t appropriately represent Jackson%27s political and economic views based upon his strong reaction during the
A) Trail of Tears
B) South Carolina crisis
C) signing of the Indian Removal Act
D) Bank War

4. The Second Party system resulted in two major candidates for the presidential elections of 1836 and 1840. The major parties which fielded these candidates were the _________
A) Federalists and Republicans
B) Know-Nothings and Republicans
C) Whigs and Democrats
D) Democrats and Republicans

5. Suffrage or franchise refers to
A) the ability to vote
B) a reliance upon nullification
C) the use of hard money
D) carrying out an order for Indian removal

6. Which of the following actions wasn%27t favored by the Jackson administration?
A) advocating hard money
B) promoting pet banks
C) opposing the elitism of the Bank of the United States
D) garnering support for the independent treasury

7. Van Buren%27s presidential financial policy can be closely related to three of the following responses. Which one doesn%27t have a strong connection to his work?
A) subtreasury favoritism
B) place funds in vaults of major cities
C) divorce funds from state banks
D) pet bank support

8. The Peggy Eaton Affair was a scandal surrounding a Jackson Cabinet member which eventually led to
A) a duel between Eaton%27s husband and Jackson
B) the outbreak of the Aroostook War
C) the resignation of Jackson%27s first Cabinet
D) the unfortunate Caroline incident

9. Economists feel a financial crisis develops about every twenty years. When the Panic of 1837 broke out, _______ had only been President for a matter of months.
A) William Harrison
B) Martin Van Buren
C) John Q. Adams
D) John Tyler

10. Which headline would have most likely been emblazoned on the top of national newspapers in the fall of 1840?
A) Dutch state%27s Little Magician will %22materialize%22 inside White House!
B) Former Democrat Tyler Whigs Way into Chief Executive Spot!
C) Mr. %22Hard Cider%27s%22 Indian fight strength will tame Capital!
D) Founder Son - Adams - Finds his feet and Defeats Elitest Harrison!

11. Financial crises are often the result of a combination of economic factors. Most of the characteristics listed below have a strong connection with the Panic of 1837 except for
A) federal funds being withdrawn from pet banks
B) federal enforcement of soft money policies
C) the Specie Circular policy being implemented
D) European financial crises impacting the United States

12. Transportation networks were essential for shipping industrial goods in the early 19th century. Which one wasn%27t typical of the major transportation systems of the time?
A) National Road
B) B and O Railroad
C) Erie Canal
D) C and O Canal

13. The characteristics of early nineteenth century industrial %22labor%22 related to most of the following terms. Which one isn%27t connected to the topic?
A) old immigration
B) Irish
C) Lowell girls
D) Poles

14. Until the Jackson presidency, the __________ consistently overshadowed the presidency.
A) Supreme Court
B) Senate
C) House of Representatives
D) Secretary of State

15. In the late 1790%27s and early 1800%27s, the ____________ system was used to select presidential candidates through a meeting of prominent members of Congress.
A) spoils
B) caucus
C) merit
D) party

16. NINA was an expression which would receive widespread support from most of the following groups. Which one wouldn%27t provide enthusiastic support for such a slogan?
A) Nativists
B) American Party
C) Know Nothings
D) Whigs

17. Irish arriving in early 19th century America would receive a hostile reaction from
A) an immigrant boss
B) the Molly Maguires
C) the Tammany Hall
D) the American Party