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Adams Review Game

Author: Ekwue Grace
Description: Answer questions correctly to climb up the hill.
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1. The XYZ Affair involved the United States and which European country?
A) England
B) France
C) Spain
D) Germany

2. What is a diplomat?
A) a person who represents his country in a foreign country
B) a person who supports war
C) the name of a member of Congress
D) a person who supports peace

3. The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed to
A) Punish anyone opposed to the French Revolution
B) Re-elect John Adams
C) Establish federal control over the press
D) Quiet Democratic Republican criticism of John Adams

4. an %22alien%22 is another name for
A) a citizen
B) a rebel
C) an immigrant
D) a diplomat

5. sedition is...
A) actions persuading people to support government
B) a punishment for a crime
C) words or actions that persuade others to oppose the gov.
D) a process for adding states to the union

6. Which political party was John Adams a part of?
A) Anti-Federalists
B) Federalists
C) Democats
D) Republicans

7. Anti-Federalists became known as which political party?
A) Federalists
B) Whigs
C) Democratic-Republicans
D) Know-Nothing Party

8. Today, the Alien and Sedition Acts would be a violation of which amendment?
A) 1st
B) 8th
C) 4th
D) 3rd

9. John Adams maintained the foreign policy of
A) isolationism
B) neutrality
C) conflict
D) free speech