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Ancient Israel (Matching)

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: This activity should help you prepare for your test over Ancient Israel. There are 48 questions, so you will need to play the game several times in order to see all of the possible questions. Use this to help you prepare for your exam which will be given on Monday, October 10th or Tuesday, October 11th. Good luck!
Keywords: Israel, Ancient , Judaism, Hebrew, Israelite, , online teaching

0. God%27s covenant with Moses
1. Proverb
2. Alphabet
3. Israel
4. Moses
5. Mesopotamia (specifically - Ur of the Chaldees)
6. Cyrus
7. Prophet
8. Diaspora
9. Abraham
10. Helped Judaism spread during Diaspora
11. Covenant
12. Secondary Source
13. Solomon
14. Exodus
15. Torah

0. Translating the Hebrew Bible into Greek
1. Persian king who allowed Jews to return to Judah
2. Eye witness account of events; person was there
3. Weekly day of worship %26 rest (sundown Fri.-sundown Sat.)
4. A person instructed by God to deliver a message
5. HE would give Canaan to his children if they worshipped God
6. Made of 10 tribes; capital in Samaria
7. Phoenician invention adopted by ancient Israel
8. Interpretation or analysis of someone else%27s account of event
9. Followers of a religion known as Judaism
10. Jewish religious teacher
11. Year that the modern state of Israel was established
12. Israel, Jordan, %26 Lebanon
13. The Law given to Moses; first part of the Hebrew Bible
14. Money or slaves given to a stronger ruler
15. The # of Jacob%27s sons - thus the # of tribes of Israel