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Ancient Israel (Matching)

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: This activity should help you prepare for your test over Ancient Israel. There are 48 questions, so you will need to play the game several times in order to see all of the possible questions. Use this to help you prepare for your exam which will be given on Monday, October 10th or Tuesday, October 11th. Good luck!
Keywords: Israel, Ancient , Judaism, Hebrew, Israelite, , online teaching

0. Prophet
1. Jews
2. David
3. Kingdom of Israel
4. Israel
5. Rabbi
6. Covenant
7. Diaspora
8. 34
9. Zealots
10. Talmud
11. Rule of Law
12. Solomon
13. Hebrew
14. Helped Judaism spread during Diaspora
15. Palestine

0. Name Romans gave to Judaea as an insult after rebellion
1. Interpretation or analysis of someone else%27s account of event
2. Jewish sect that focused on both Torah %26 Oral Traditions
3. Jewish house of worship
4. Jewish sect made up of priests %26 scribes - Torah only
5. Reason the Assyrians %26 Chaldeans wanted Israel
6. Jacob%27s (Abraham%27s grandson%27s) new name
7. Second king of Israel - created an Empire
8. Belief that laws should apply to everyone equally
9. Important commentary on Torah - deals with daily life
10. Savior; a deliverer sent by God
11. Lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery
12. Known for: 1)Wise sayings 2) Building Temple
13. The # of Jacob%27s sons - thus the # of tribes of Israel
14. Language of the ancient Israelites
15. Jewish sect that separated from Jerusalem - Torah only