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AP Statistics Vocabulary Matching

Author: Sturdivant Veronica
Description: Find the match of the vocabulary word with it%27s correct definition to match dominoes
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0. Individuals
1. Stemplot
2. Variable
3. Numerical Variable
4. Dotplot
5. Distribution
6. Graphs
7. Statistics
8. Histogram
9. Bar Graph
10. Pie Chart
11. Boxplot
12. Categorical Variable
13. Relative Frequency
14. data
15. Frequency

0. shows the actual observations, should make a key
1. information
2. percentage
3. for catergorical data must have 100%25
4. person, animal or thing described by the data
5. has five number summary to graph it
6. bars that do not connect for qualitiative data
7. count
8. places points on a equally interval line
9. displays that show you data so you can make summaries
10. different characteristics of individuals that
11. values that a variable can take on and how often it takes it
12. has a number measurement and makes sense average
13. places items into groups
14. bars that connect measure quantitative data
15. study of data information