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Intro to Functions

Author: Sturdivant Veronica
Description: Please choose your first dominoe and then match the other dominoes by finding the answer to the one you%27ve chosen
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0. solve
1. cheat
2. constant
3. x-values
4. less than or equal to or greater than or equal to
5. function
6. range
7. basic operations
8. domain
9. less than or greater than
10. variable
11. equation
12. y-values
13. relation
14. coefficient
15. vertical line test

0. to have more than one
1. x, m, l, p
2. includes the number in the solution
3. add subtract multiply divide
4. outputs dependent variable range
5. all your possible x-values
6. 2 maps to 3
7. a vertical line can only go through a graph ONCE to be a function
8. all your possible y-values
9. each input gets exactly one output
10. does not include the number in the solution
11. number without a a variable
12. number in front of a variable
13. two expressions with an equal sign relating them
14. inputs independent variable domain
15. get the variable on the side by itself