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Classic Interview Questions

Author: Iglesias Alex
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1. tell me about you is a _____ question
A) trip
B) inocuous
C) matches
D) dreaded

2. Why should we ____ you
A) mission
B) utter
C) achievements
D) hire

3. good ______ knowledge
A) inside
B) trip
C) inocuous
D) values

4. company values, _____ statement and products
A) overview
B) question
C) mission
D) qualification

5. your goals and ambition _____ the company efforts
A) match
B) seem
C) overview
D) trip

6. never _____ the phrase
A) give
B) utter
C) hire
D) begin

7. this question may seem ______
A) inside
B) skills
C) inocuous
D) values

8. begin with an _______ of your highest qualification
A) overview
B) inside
C) knowledge
D) mission

9. examples of ______ and skills
A) utter
B) products
C) efforts
D) achievements