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Interprofessional Dominoes

Description: Welcome to interprofessional Dominoes!!!!! This activity has been designed for the different health professionals to become aware of eachothers roles and practices with an emphasis on pharmacy practice. Each team will open the game on their laptops and match the terms with the most appropriate definition/roles. You must work together with the other healthcare professionals in your group to match as many terms as possible. There is a time limit of 5 minutes and the team with the most points wins!! Good luck!
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0. should not be taken with alcohol
1. allopurinol
2. antidote for heparin
3. A respiratory inhalation solution
4. patient specific dosage form
5. drug name that is owned by a particlar drug company
6. antiplatelet, antipyretic, antipatelet
7. alendronate
8. hypoglycemic drug rxn monitoring
9. veterinarians use this drug to immobilize large animals
10. ketamine
11. gentamicin monitoring
12. keeps e-record of controlled substances transactions
13. Nystatin
14. What is a unit dose drug?
15. MS Contin is an extended-release form of ___

0. fentanyl
1. Single %22serving%22 of a drug
2. Stored under lock and key with other controlled substances
3. protamine sulfate
4. Cold, clammy sweat
5. morphine
6. Ipratropium bromide
7. hearing loss
8. butalbital
9. topical medications
10. Automated Dispensing Machine
11. extemporaneous compounding
12. proprietary label
13. osteoporosis
14. aspirin
15. gout