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The Integumentary System

Description: Match the organ with its descripition/ function
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0. Hair
1. Nails
2. Sweat
3. Hypodermis
4. Oil
5. Papillary layer
6. Sebaceous Glands
7. Ceruminous Glands
8. Skin
9. Gland
10. Nails
11. Sudoriferous Glands
12. Skin
13. Hair
14. Epidermis
15. Dermis

0. girls like to paint them
1. creates or releases body chemicals
2. body%27s largeset organ
3. superficial layer of the dermis that borders on the epidermis
4. tightly packed keratinocytes, found in most regions of the body
5. sheets of hardned keratinocytes, found on ends of fingers and toes
6. all sorts of colors and textures, is ones coloring
7. tiny structures in the ear canal, secrete a waxy cerumen
8. a chemical your body realese to cool down, usually makes you smell bad
9. lubricates and protects the cuticles of hairs by producing oil
10. gives the skin its strength and elasticity
11. makes the skin look shiney and help make skni waterproof
12. connection between skin and the underlying muscles and bones
13. helps protect the body from UV radiation
14. protects the deeper and thicker layers of the skin
15. releases the liquid that help cool you down