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Int 2 IS Using Information NAB Review

Description: Repeat this activity until you get 100%25!
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0. Aggregating
1. Data Protection Act
2. Security strategy
3. Software strategy
4. Financial software
5. Volume
6. Processing data
7. Intellectual Property Rights
8. Web authoring
9. Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
10. Network Stretegy
11. Speed
12. Browser
13. Information
14. Gathering data
15. Chat client

0. Choosing new programs and maintaining old ones
1. Gives protection to knowledge
2. Careful workstation design could prevent this
3. Scanning a barcode is an example of this
4. How quickly an OIS responds to requests for information
5. Setting up the network and sharing data %26 resources
6. Number of transactions completed in a time period
7. Use to view web pages
8. Faster than email - use for real-time/interactive communicatiion
9. Also known as summarising
10. Processed facts with meaning and context
11. Prohibits copying data to another company without permission
12. Use to manage accounts and print statements
13. Calculations such as totalling are an example of this OIS activity
14. Use to create web pages
15. Setting usernames and passwords, for example