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MICIT / input and outoput

Author: sarhan hossam
Description: مرحبا بجميع الطلاب بقسم مهارات الحاسب نتمنى لكم التوفيق والحصول على اعلى العلامات للتواصل مع القسم والطلاع على جميع الاعلانات والتدريبات قم باضافة هذا البريد الى حسابك على الفيسبوك
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1. This type of keyboard provides the greatest amount of flexibility and convenience by eliminating cables connected to the system unit.
A) ergonomic keyboard
B) traditional keyboard
C) wireless keyboard
D) flexible keyboard

2. The mouse _____ usually appears in the shape of an arrow.
A) indicator
B) marker
C) meter
D) pointer

3. ____ describes the relationship between the height and width of a monitor.
A) Aspect ratio
B) Dot pitch
C) Dpi
D) Resolution

4. This type of pointing device has crisscrossed invisible beams of infrared light that are protected with a clear plastic outer layer.
A) joystick
B) optical mouse
C) pointing stick
D) touch screen

5. A Universal Product Code is read by what type of scanner?
A) flatbed
C) bar code

6. ____ input devices convert sounds into a form that can be processed by the system unit
A) Audio
B) Electrolyzing
C) Plotting
D) WebCam

7. The most important characteristic of a monitor is its
A) dot pitch
B) resolution
C) viewable size
D) clarity

8. Which of the following printer types requires special paper?
A) ink-jet
B) laser
C) thermal
D) portable

9. A(n) _____ is a specialized input and output device for receiving and sending voice communication.
A) Internet telephone
C) Laser
D) Scanner