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Author: Cifuentes Jose
Description: Read each sentence; then circle the one answer choice that is a logical inference based upon that sentence.
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1. When apple growers talk about new varieties of apples, they don’t mean something developed last month, last year, or even in the last decade.
A) Apple growers havent´t developed any new varieties in recent years.
B) Some varieties of apples can be developed in a short time
C) New varieties of apples take many years to develop.
D) no answer

2. In all cultures, gestures are used as a form of communication, but the same gestures may have very different meanings in different cultures.
A) No two cultures use the same gestures.
B) One gesture will never have the same meaning in two cultures
C) A person from one culture may misunderstand gestures.
D) No answer

3. Although sheepherding is an older and more beloved occupation, shepherds never caught the attention of American filmmakers the way cowboys did.
A) There are more American films about cowboys than others.
B) Films about shepherds were popular
C) Cowboys are generally younger than shepherds.
D) no answer

4. As an architect, Thomas Jefferson preferred the Roman style, as seen in the buildings of the University of Virginia, to the English style favored by Charles Bullfinch.
A) The arquitecture was influenced by the Roman style.
B) Bullfinch was an English architect.
C) Jefferson preferred to build in the English style of architecture.
D) no answer

5. Even spiders that do not build webs from silk use it for a variety of purposes, such as constructing egg sacs and nursery tents.
A) All spiders build webs.
B) Spiders that build webs don’t build egg sacs or nursery tents.
C) Silk is used by all spiders.
D) no answer

6. There is more quartz in the world than any one kind of feldspar, but the feldspars as a group are five times more common than quartz.
A) One type of quartz is five times more plentiful than feldspar.
B) Quartz is less common than the feldspars.
C) The most common type of feldspar is as plentiful as quartz.
D) no answer

7. Peter grabbed Joe’s backpack by mistake.
A) Peter is mean.
B) Joe’s and Peter’s backpacks look alike.
C) The backpack is old.
D) no answer

8. He cooks food all day long.
A) He works in a clothing store.
B) He works at the zoo
C) He works in a restaurant.
D) no answer

9. The floor is wet.
A) Jake played baseball with his friends.
B) Jake spilled his juice
C) Jake was singing a song.
D) no answer