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Imperialism 4 - - - pages 556 - 562

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Read pages 556-562 before completing this activity. Please complete this activity until scoring at least 90%25.
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1. While the United States acquired the Philippines as a result of the war, some prominent Americans opposed the annexation such as Andrew ____#____.
A) Carnegie, carnegie, CARNEGIE

2. In the 1900 presidential election, William ___#____ tried to use the annexation debate as a major point of discussion for his campaign.
A) bryan, Bryan, BRYAN

3. Passage of the ______#____amendment by Congress set up United States control over Cuba%27s foreign policy.
A) Platt, platt, PLATT

4. A vicious war betweeen American troops and Filipinos resulted in the United States conquest of their homeland until it gained independence in __#__.
A) 1946

5. In an effort to open the Chinese market to American goods, ____#_____ promoted the Open door notes or Open Door Policy.
A) johnhay, John Hay, john hay, JOHNHAY, JOHN HAY

6. Elihu Root supervised reforms of the military including the creation of the ____#____ to advise the Secretary of War.
A) joint chiefs of staff, Joint chiefs of staff, jointchiefsofstaff,JOINTCHIEFSOFSTAFF, chiefs of staff, CHIEFS OF STAFF, chiefsofstaff