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US Imperialism Matching Activity

Author: Harding Nicholas
Description: There are 32 questions, so you%27ll probably need to play about three screens before you see all of the questions. If you can get 100%25 four times in a row, you should be in good shape
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0. William Seward
1. William McKinley
2. Guam
3. Philippines
4. Rough Riders
5. William Howard Taft
6. Emilio Aguinaldo
7. Alfred Thayer Mahan
8. Yellow Journalism
9. Teddy Roosevelt
10. Hawaii
11. Puerto Rico
12. Rudyard Kipling
13. Boxer Rebellion
14. Woodrow Wilson
15. Pancho Villa

0. Roosevelt%27s cavalry unit in Cuba
1. Justification for US intervention in Latin America
2. Spanish General in Cuba
3. Author of %22The White Man%27s Burden%22
4. Taft%27s policy of guaranteeing loans to other countries
5. Pacific island purchased from Spain in 1898
6. Publisher of the New York Journal
7. Secretary of State who proposed Open Door Policy
8. US document reserving right to interfere in Cuban affairs
9. Author who emphasized naval power
10. President during the Spanish-American War
11. Wilson%27s promotion of democracy abroad
12. American warship that exploded in Cuba
13. US navy that circumnavigated the globe
14. Secretary of State who purchased Alaska
15. Last monarch of Hawaii