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Author: Teeters Alex
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1. Directions
2. Order
3. Request
4. Warning

0. Sit down.
1. Glues the two pieces of paper together.
2. Please open the window.
3. Don%27t talk during the movie.
4. Be careful with that knife.
5. Please have your parents sign these permission forms
6. Mix the food coloring and water in a bowl.
7. Slowly add the eggs to the flour.
8. Do not let the glue get on your skin.
9. Pass the ketchup, please.
10. Take that chewing gum out of your mouth.
11. Take a left and then a right.
12. Could you pass me the salt?
13. Stand up straight.
14. Take two tablets every evening.
15. Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
16. Don%27t touch the hot oven.
17. Serve while warm.
18. Please tell me where the bank is.
19. Do. Now.