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Imperialism 3 - - - page 552 - to right before annexation on 556

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Read pages 552 to right before annexation on page 556 and then complete this activity. Please complete this activity until scoring at least 90%25.
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1. Within the year _#__, the United States engaged in a conflict known as the Spanish-American War.
A) 1898

2. William Hearst supposedly informed an artist in Cuba, %22You furnish the pictures and I%27ll furnish the __#___,
A) war, WAR, War

3. An uproar emerged when a _____#_______ diplomat demeaned the President through private correspondence that was publicized.
A) Spanish, spanish, SPANISH

4. After the explosion of The Maine, ______#____ Roosevelt, an assistant Secretary of the Navy, voiced support for a declaration of war with Spain who he claimed had attacked the United States.
A) Theodore, theodore, THEODORE

5. Roosevelt joined a volunteer unit known as the _____#_______ which saw battle action in Cuba.