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Imperialism 2 - - - pages 547 to 551

Author: Hall Matthew
Description: Read pages 547 to 551 and then complete this review activity. Please complete this activity until earning at least 90%25.
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1. Mahan%27s hopes for the United States included support for the construction of the Panama Canal and the conquest of H__#__.
A) awaii, Hawaii, hawaii, HAWAII

2. Due to investment in their military, the United States moved its navy into ___#___ place among the world%27s sea powers by 1900.
A) third, Third, THIRD

3. In an effort to exert more influence in world affairs, the United States supported __#__ in a border dispute involving British Guiana.
A) Venezuela, venezuela, VENEZUELA

4. Americans earning profits from the sugar crop in Hawaii wanted the islands anexed by the United States so that they could avoid having to pay the Western nation%27s __#___
A) tariffs, Tariffs, TARIFFS

5. As the American imperial interests expanded, the navy wished to have more bases for the purposes of coal refueling stations and to protect merchants doing business abroad. This ambition led to the United States attempt to dominate ___#___ even though the area was also within the imperial reach of Britain and Germany.
A) Samoa, samoa, SAMOA

6. Sensationalistic writing of the period known as __#___ was used to sell a high volume of newspapers.
A) yellow journalism, YELLOW JOURNALISM, Yellow journalism, Yellow Journalism, yellowjournalism, YELLOWJOURNALSIM

7. In the 1890%27s, the civil war in __#__ served as the perfect topic for sensationalist writers to engage the interest of their readers.
A) cuba, Cuba, CUBA