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Image Attributes %26 Types

Author: Hutchins Darla
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0. File Size
1. BMP
2. GIF
3. PNG
4. Color Depth
5. Image
6. Raster
7. JPG
8. Vector
9. Transparency
10. Animation
11. Single Channel Transparency
12. Lossless
13. Lossy
14. 256 Channel Transparency
15. Compression

0. Image defined by mathematical calculations. Resizes well.
1. A picture used on a computer made up of pixels or vectors.
2. The number of colors that can be used in an image.
3. Several images are combined and rotate causing movemet
4. 256 channel transparency, best for clip-art
5. Images defined in some way by individual pixels
6. Refers to how much an image pixels (%26 image size) are made smaller
7. General term for an image having a transparent background
8. Slider bar compression; user chooses image quality
9. One single color in an image is transparent - no fade.
10. Must use if you want animation, single channel transparency
11. Compression that does not cause the picture to lose quality
12. Best used for photos. Good compression, no transparency
13. Many shades of transparency, allowing image edges to fade
14. How large or small the file is on the disk.
15. Oldest image file type. Does not have any features.