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If Clause 1, 2, 3

Author: Sá Monica
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1. If they ___ tariffs this year as they had promised to, we ___ more business there.
A) reduce, will do
B) reduced, will do
C) reduced, would have done
D) had reduced, would have done

2. If people ___ so worried about environment nowadays, business ____ environmental policies.
A) weren%27t, won%27t develop
B) weren%27t, hadn%27t developed
C) weren%27t, wouldn%27t develop
D) aren%27t, won%27t develop

3. If US interest rates ___ next week, we ___ switch our investment into another currency.
A) fell, will switch
B) fell, would switch
C) fall, will switch
D) fall, would switch

4. If we ___ the deal before the crash, we ___ a lot of money.
A) closed, would have lost
B) had closed, would have lost
C) had closed, would lose
D) closed, would lose

5. If sales in American market ____, we ___ a new plant there next year.
A) increase, will build
B) increased, would build
C) had increased, would build
D) had increased, would have built

6. If they ___ their service on time, we ___ penalties.
A) don%27t deliver, would charge
B) don%27t deliver, will charge
C) didn%27t deliver, would have charged
D) hadn%27t delivered, would charge

7. If we ___ costs in production, we ___ bankrupcy, but we did.
A) didn%27t cut, will go
B) didn%27t cut, would go
C) don%27t cut, will go
D) hadn%27t cut, would have gone

8. If we ___ the necessary information, we ___ to make a decision, but we don%27t.
A) have, will be able to
B) have, would be able to
C) had, would be able to
D) had, would have been able to

9. If their services ___ so expensive, we ___ them more often.
A) weren%27t, would use
B) weren%27t, will use
C) weren%27t, would have used
D) aren%27t, will use