Online teaching

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Learning Theories

Author: Allen Maryellen
Description: Examine the given term(s) and select the definition that best fits.
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0. Dick %26 Carey
1. Behaviorism
2. Process Model
3. Gagne%27s Nine Events
5. 4C/ID
6. Kemp Model
7. Social Cognitive Theory
8. Assessment
9. Learning Modules
10. Formative Assessment
11. Constructivist Theory
12. Backward Design
13. Systems Model
14. Summative Assessment

0. Narrowly focused on instructional content design. More task/skills oriented
1. Learning occurs through conditioning using positive/negative reinforcement
2. Non-linear, systematic approach intended to be holistic
3. Learners build understanding through experience and reflection
4. 4-component process model designed for technical training
5. A general ID framework ranging from analysis to evaluation
6. Built-in tools that allow instructors to guide learners in an organized fashihon
7. Three-stage process model starting with final assessment
8. Assessment used for diagnostic purposes. Informs the teaching process
9. Process model focused on interaction between learner and instructor
10. Systematic collection, reivew and use of information about a program
11. Assessment of the learner to determine if instructional goals have been met
12. Focused on the entire design process; recursive and reiterative.
13. Learning can occur through observing and working with others
14. Process model emphasizing learner motivation
15. An ISD model with 5 steps, focused on interrelationships