Online teaching

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Learning Theories

Author: Allen Maryellen
Description: Examine the given term(s) and select the definition that best fits.
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0. Gagne%27s Nine Events
1. Behaviorism
2. Social Cognitive Theory
4. Process Model
5. Systems Model
6. Kemp Model
8. 4C/ID
9. Constructivist Theory
10. Assessment
11. Formative Assessment
12. Summative Assessment
13. Dick %26 Carey
14. Learning Modules
15. Backward Design

0. Non-linear, systematic approach intended to be holistic
1. Assessment used for diagnostic purposes. Informs the teaching process
2. A general ID framework ranging from analysis to evaluation
3. Assessment of the learner to determine if instructional goals have been met
4. Narrowly focused on instructional content design. More task/skills oriented
5. Learners build understanding through experience and reflection
6. Built-in tools that allow instructors to guide learners in an organized fashihon
7. Systematic collection, reivew and use of information about a program
8. Focused on the entire design process; recursive and reiterative.
9. Learning occurs through conditioning using positive/negative reinforcement
10. 4-component process model designed for technical training
11. An ISD model with 5 steps, focused on interrelationships
12. Learning can occur through observing and working with others
13. Three-stage process model starting with final assessment
14. Process model emphasizing learner motivation
15. Process model focused on interaction between learner and instructor