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Idioms 2

Author: Calpena Lidia
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0. To run in the family
1. Two peas in a pod
2. See eye to eye
3. Joined at the hip
4. Like one of the family
5. Through thick and thin
6. A shoulder to lean on
7. To be on good terms
8. Big cheese
9. Bend over backwards for someone
10. Average Joe
11. Go back a long way
12. Love-hate relationship
13. Social butterfly
14. Know someone inside out
15. Airhead

0. Very similar, difficult to distinguish one from the other
1. To know someone for a long time
2. Agree with someone
3. Closely connected. Always together
4. Be treated as if you are a member of a family
5. Do everything possible to help someone
6. Support, help or encouragement from family or friends
7. A stupid and silly person
8. A normal, an everyday guy
9. Appear in many or all members of the family
10. Friendly with someone
11. An intense relationship of both love and hate
12. To know someone very well
13. In good times and bad times
14. An important person
15. Someone that is friendly with everybody