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Author: Coble Rose
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1. Eat like a bird.
A) Eat in a nest
B) Eat worms
C) Peck at an apple
D) Eat very little

2. Like a chicken with its head cut off
A) walking backwards
B) running with your eyes closed
C) in a wild, crazy manner
D) jumping up and down

3. Which of the following is an example of an idiom?
A) It%27s time to hit the road.
B) The giant%27s breath was like a putrid fog.
C) The blackberry bush grabbed at my jacket.
D) I%27ve told you over and over to clean your room.

4. Blind as a bat
A) can only see in the dark
B) unaware, not paying attention
C) able to hear but not see
D) wearing a black outfit so as not to be seen

5. Bury the hatchet
A) bury the hatchet under the ground so no one can find it
B) hit the blade of an ax into a piece of wood
C) make up with a friend after an argument
D) cut a huge slice of cake

6. A close shave
A) to narrowly escape a disaster
B) climbing up a steep cliff
C) having a face that is soft and smooth
D) using a razor with a dull blade

7. saved by the bell
A) the ringing of church bells
B) rescue from a situation at the last possible moment
C) winning a marathon race
D) the alarm clock going off in the mornings

8. Climb on the bandwagon
A) going on a hayride
B) riding to the party with the band
C) to show support for someone%27s idea
D) listening to instructions

9. Shed crocodile tears
A) false tears or false crying
B) an extremely heavy rain
C) tears from slicing an onion
D) laugh so hard you cry

10. Sitting duck
A) a tired duck
B) a wooden duck used as a decoration
C) an easy target
D) someone who tells on another person

11. Foam at the mouth
A) to brush your teeth in a rough manner
B) to be extremely angry
C) to eat something that does not taste good
D) to talk back to your parent

12. Go hog wild
A) to laugh in a wild manner
B) to dance a jig
C) to eat a lot of bacon
D) to be really excited

13. Wild goose chase
A) looking frantically for something that is almost impossible to find
B) to have a very lucky day
C) a game played in the rain by young children
D) running around in circles until you are so dizzy you fall down

14. Cross as a bear
A) to have a bad hair day
B) extremely hungry and looking for honey
C) to be grumpy and have a bad temper
D) to wear a heavy fur coat and walk like a bear

15. Couch potato
A) to spend a lot of time eating french fries
B) a huge couch shaped like a potato
C) someone who spends a lot of time watching TV
D) the largest potato in the bag

16. Get up on the wrong side of the bed
A) to be in a grumpy mood
B) to sleep late on the weekend
C) to get up on the right side of the bed
D) to fall out of the bed in your sleep

17. Blow a fuse
A) whistle loudly to get someone%27s attention
B) dance wildly and with enthusiasm
C) lose one%27s temper
D) light a fire in a fireplace

18. Keep your nose to the grindstone
A) blow your nose so much it turns red
B) having a great sense of smell
C) keep busy, stay on task
D) walk on the right side of the hall with your nose near the wall

19. Rub someone the wrong way
A) to copy off of a friend
B) to irritate someone
C) run in the wrong direction during a race
D) to hit someone in fun