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LO Lesson 1 Matching

Author: Cunningham Melissa
Description: Choose Dominoes, Find Pairs, or Link up to match the vocabulary from LO Lesson 1. You can start with familiarizing yourself with the terms or just play the games.
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0. Local Area Network
1. Peer-to-Peer Network
2. Intranet
3. Cable Modem
4. Extranet
5. Server
6. Modem
7. Wide Area Network
8. Client
9. Client Server Network
10. Hacker
11. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
12. Internet
13. Wireless Router
14. Malicious Code
15. T-1 Line

0. Coaxial cable (similar to TV cables)
1. Software program making requests of the server
2. Fiber-optic telephone lines
3. Router %26 wireless access point in one
4. People who break into computer systems
5. Worldwide system composed multiple users
6. Users outside of organization given access to internet data
7. Exclusive use of people within an organization
8. Viruses causing a security breach or damage to computers
9. Covers a large geographical area
10. High-speed copper telephone lines
11. All of the computers on the network are equal
12. Telephone lines
13. Connected computers in a confined space
14. 1 or more computers on the network act as server
15. Hardware that handles the requests for network service