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LO Lesson 1 Matching

Author: Cunningham Melissa
Description: Choose Dominoes, Find Pairs, or Link up to match the vocabulary from LO Lesson 1. You can start with familiarizing yourself with the terms or just play the games.
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0. Malicious Code
1. Wide Area Network
2. Cable Modem
3. Extranet
4. Server
5. Local Area Network
6. Client Server Network
7. Peer-to-Peer Network
8. Modem
9. Internet
10. Hacker
11. Intranet
12. Wireless Router
13. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
14. Client
15. T-1 Line

0. Coaxial cable (similar to TV cables)
1. Connected computers in a confined space
2. All of the computers on the network are equal
3. Telephone lines
4. Users outside of organization given access to internet data
5. Covers a large geographical area
6. Software program making requests of the server
7. Exclusive use of people within an organization
8. 1 or more computers on the network act as server
9. Viruses causing a security breach or damage to computers
10. Worldwide system composed multiple users
11. Fiber-optic telephone lines
12. People who break into computer systems
13. Hardware that handles the requests for network service
14. Router %26 wireless access point in one
15. High-speed copper telephone lines