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Keiko Lab Activity

Author: Arboleda Aa
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1. secluded
A) in a large group
B) dark and gloomy
C) kept apart from others
D) the results

2. predicted
A) to tell someone what to write
B) to look backward
C) to look for the answer
D) to see in advance

3. rehabilitate
A) to live in a certain place
B) to make able to live an ordinary life
C) to live together
D) to make a habit

4. odyssey
A) a long trip
B) a game
C) a funny dance
D) a boat

5. cramped
A) wrinkled
B) large area
C) limited in space
D) a heavy load

6. excessive
A) too little
B) very wet
C) very dry
D) too much

7. plight
A) a bad state
B) something in the air
C) a story
D) good news

8. repatriate
A) to paint something with bright colors
B) to bring or send someone back to their own country
C) to send someone away
D) to pat something down until it is flat

9. aquatic
A) living in or happening in air
B) living in or under the ground
C) living in or happening in a train
D) living in or happening in water

10. hurdle
A) a large building
B) something thrown a long way
C) a problem that needs to be overcome
D) a group of football players

11. simulated
A) made to look like the real thing
B) made to act
C) a television screen
D) a play

12. cavalier
A) a tie
B) proud
C) to do with a horse
D) a joke

13. leviathan
A) something very old
B) a disease
C) something heavy
D) a large sea animal

14. Keiko has spent most of his life in ___________
A) the ocean
B) a lake
C) an airplane
D) captivity

15. Since Keiko’s trip to Oregon, the foundation has been trying to _________ him.
A) rehabilitate
B) free
C) train
D) kill

16. In Mexico the killer whale lived in _______________ quarters.
A) spacious
B) cramped
C) enormous
D) perfect

17. Since Keiko’s return to Iceland, he has become more __________ .
A) tired
B) ill
C) energetic
D) anti-social

18. Critics thought that Keiko would
A) die from the cold water in Iceland.
B) would be happy to return home
C) want to be free
D) be able to catch his own food

19. Keiko weighs about
A) 30,000 pounds.
B) 18 grams.
C) 640,000 ounces.
D) 180,00 kilograms.

20. Keiko has
A) enjoyed being with other sea animals.
B) killed other sea animals that have come into his pen.
C) hasn’t seen any other animals.
D) had limited contact with other sea animals.

21. This summer trainers hope to
A) give Keiko a simulated stay in the wild.
B) immediately set him free.
C) take him on a tour of Europe.
D) move him to another aquarium.

22. If Keiko can’t adjust to the wild, the foundation
A) will set him free anyway.
B) will bring him back to the United States.
C) will kill him.
D) will take care of him for the rest of his life.

23. The foundation’s beliefs about Keiko’s return to Iceland seem
A) to be incorrect because he is very sick.
B) to be correct because he has many new friends.
C) to be correct because he likes his new home.
D) to be incorrect because he is eating more fresh fish.

24. The temperature of the water in Iceland is
A) too cold for him to swim.
B) good because he’s thriving.
C) too cold for him to eat
D) good because he has lots of company

25. On the basis of Keiko’s living in the Iceland bay
A) he responds well to the few sea animals he had seen.
B) he will be able to get along with other animals.
C) he can easily catch enough live fish to survive.
D) he is scared of other sea animals.

26. The decision about setting Keiko free into the wild will be made
A) with no consideration of his ability to survive.
B) on the basis of cost.
C) after gradually giving him more freedom.
D) by a vote of his fans.