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Blackout Lab Activity

Author: Arboleda Aa
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1. critical: ... as the state%27s critical shortage of electricity reached the breaking point.
A) small
B) bad talk
C) unimportant
D) important

2. intersection: The blackout may have figured in this accident at a San Francisco intersection after traffic lights went out.
A) a place where there is a traffic light
B) a place where there is a steep hill
C) a place were two streets cross
D) a place were two cars come together

3. outages: Rolling power outages shut down sections of communities across much of northern California, an hour and a half at a time.
A) a trip to the mountains
B) a failure or interruption in use
C) a large wave
D) a power company worker

4. spreadsheets: There%27s really not a whole lot I can without having my computer to do my spreadsheets...%22
A) a sheet spread over a computer
B) the monitor to display information
C) a computer program used to write and organize data as tables
D) a computer program used to write text

5. hydropower: Thursday%27s crisis was blamed, in part, on a lack of water for hydropower in the Pacific Northwest.
A) electrical power produced by water power
B) electrical power produced by wind power
C) water power produced by electricity
D) power used by heavy rain

6. convince: Greg Miller isn%27t convinced there%27s a power crisis.
A) to be unsure
B) to be quilty
C) to be angry
D) to make someone believe

7. manipulate: %22It%27s manipulated; they sit up there in their board rooms ...%22
A) to handle honestly
B) to handle with care
C) to handle dishonestly
D) to handle carelessly

8. confident: Political leaders are confident...
A) secretive
B) sure and convinced
C) unsure
D) elected

9. concede: ...but concede the crisis won%27t really be over until new power plants come on line.
A) to deny
B) to admit
C) to plant
D) to apply

10. When there isn’t enough power to meet the demand, the state reaches a ______ .
A) boiling point
B) breaking point
C) surplus
D) intersection

11. The elevator stopped working because of ______
A) a fire
B) an accident
C) rolling power outages
D) break down

12. The utilities cannot buy more power because they are ________ .
A) rich
B) profit
C) tight
D) debt-ridden

13. The states politicians are trying to solve the problem with ______ bills.
A) emergency
B) legislature
C) credit
D) locked

14. The blackouts are _______ businesses.
A) helping
B) opening
C) threatening
D) finding

15. In California the number of homes and businesses that have lost power are
A) 2,000,000
B) 200,000
C) 400,000
D) 2,000,000,000

16. The power outages can be
A) very short
B) about 11/2 hours at a time.
C) about 12 days
D) a day long

17. California utilities couldn’t get suppliers to sell them power because
A) the suppliers have no power to sell.
B) California don’t really need the power.
C) the governor needs to approve the sale.
D) the utilities have no credit.

18. The state is trying to solve the problem by
A) telling people to stop using power.
B) loaning the utilities money to buy power.
C) buying power and reselling it at low prices to the utilities.
D) buying the utilities

19. Greg Miller thinks
A) that there is no real energy crisis.
B) that the energy crisis is real.
C) that the utilities are working to fix the problem.
D) that his business doesn’t need power.