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SD Analysis

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1. Which of the following is TRUE about the %22problem specification%22?
A) It is prepared during the implementation stage.
B) It is less detailed than the %22requirements specification%22 and is prepared during the analysis stage.
C) It is a legally binding contract.
D) It specifies system requirements for the software to run correctly.

2. The document that is used to evaluate the software is known as the # specification.
A) requirements

3. Which of the following is true about the %22requirements specification%22? Select all that apply.
A) It is a legally binding contract betwen the client and software development consultants.
B) It is not prepared by the systems analyst.
C) The systems analyst will gather information from the client to prepare this document.
D) Programmers do not need to refer to this document.

4. All effective software should be.... (Select all that apply.)
A) Robust
B) Reliable
C) Portable
D) Designed to run on only one platform

5. Which of the following are determined during the analysis stage? Select all that apply.
A) The time that is needed to complete the software.
B) The budget that will be used to fund the project.
C) The hardware that would be necessary to run the software.
D) The layout of the forms that will be used in the program.

6. Which of the following is not a concern of the systems analyst during the analysis stage?
A) Gathering information about existing systems
B) Understanding the client%27s requirements
C) Writing the program
D) Preparing the requirements specification

7. # is a design notation that uses English-like words to outline the basic steps and refinements of the program.
A) pseudocode

8. Which of the following is the main advantage of structure diagrams over pseudocode?
A) It shows how the various steps are broken down.
B) Steps of the program are shown graphically.
C) The steps of the program are shown in order.
D) It is always easier to understand than pseudocode.

9. Which of the following is not one of the main concerns of the Project Manager?
A) Budgets
B) Timescales
C) Paying consultants
D) Supervising personnel

10. Testing that is conducted in-house by the client organisation%27s staff is # testing.
A) Alpha
B) Beta
C) Normal
D) Extreme

11. Which of the following is false?
A) Software testing should be conducted by independent, impartial testers.
B) Beta testing is when software is in pre-release format and is offered to testers outside the organisation to test it on a variety of platforms.
C) Alpha testing is always conducted by the software engineers who developed the programs.
D) Programmers tend to debug their programs, but are not usually involved in alpha and beta testing.

12. Which of the following is not one of the standard methods used by the systems analyst to elicit the client%27s requirements?
A) Observation
B) Interviews
C) Gathering documentation
D) Evaluating the code of previous programs

13. A program that runs despite bugs or design problems is known as # .
A) Reliable
B) Robust
C) Efficient
D) Portable