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Author: Rodgers Chelsea
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1. Past -- Pasado
2. Present -- Presente
3. Future -- Futuro
4. group_name4

0. I had to work yesterday.
1. I have an appointment today.
2. El proximo mes, nosotros have planes ir a la playa.
3. I had to go to school yesterday.
4. Manana, ella will have una cita a la salon.
5. She has to work today.
6. Ellos have trabajar ahora.
7. Ellos had trabajar la semana pasada.
8. She had an appointment yesterday.
9. They have to play today.
10. I will have an appointment tomorrow.
11. She had una cita ayer.
12. Last week, they had a party.
13. He has to eat today.
14. Tomorrow, he will have to work.
15. La proxima semana, el will have una cita con el doctor.
16. We had fun.
17. I have to read now.
18. Next week, they will have a party.
19. Ella has una cita hoy.
20. I had trabaja ayer.
21. We have to work together.
22. Next year, they will have a new house.