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Fun Facts

Author: Hartfield Kelly
Description: To learn some unique things about me, match the items you believe are true or false in the column and see if you were right or wrong.
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1. True
2. False
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0. Notorious cat lady
1. I%27m the oldest child in my family
2. I%27m left handed
3. I graduated with 16 people.
4. Studied French
5. I%27m the baby of the family
6. Studied German
7. I love watching sports
8. Studied Spanish
9. I%27ve never broken any bones
10. I did not play basketball in HS
11. I did barrel racing
12. Studied Italian
13. I%27ve been to more than 5 countries
14. Have 6 nieces/nephews
15. Have more than 10 nieces/nephews
16. I have a fake tooth