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All things, for all people, everywhere.

Author: Kändma Inga
Description: Quiz
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1. Who is the chairman?
A) Mrs Mohamed Al Fayed.
B) Mr Mohamed Al Fayed.
C) Miss Mohamed Al Fayed.
D) Mr Mohamed Fayed.

2. When was Harrods opened?
A) 1893
B) 1800
C) 1849
D) 1950

3. How many people visit Harrods every day?
A) 40000
B) 20000
C) 50000
D) 35000

4. Who are Green Men?
A) nurses
B) shopkeepers
C) doormen
D) customers

5. What is the store´s motto?
A) All things, for all people, everywhere.
B) All things, for all customers, everywhere.
C) Things, for people, everywhere.
D) All things, for all animals, everywhere.

6. What are the heart and soul of Harrods?
A) Green Men
B) departments
C) the Royal Family
D) The Food Halls.

7. In 1893 Harrods opened a branch in...
A) Singapore
B) Korea
C) Japan
D) Hong Kong

8. How many bars and restaurants are there?
A) 9
B) 19
C) 39
D) 29

9. How many floors are there?
A) seven
B) six
C) five
D) nine