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Halloween vocabulary

Description: Identify the meaning with the right definition
Keywords: Celebration, Halloween, Costume, Match, Meaning, , online teaching

0. Tree
1. Research
2. Real
3. Costume
4. Halloween
5. Hand
6. Decoration
7. Fly
8. Witch
9. Sweet
10. Brave
11. Holiday
12. Human
13. Hat
14. Afraid
15. Trick or treat

0. The taste of sugar
1. Someone who has lot of courage
2. A celebration of October 31st
3. Something that you use to decorate
4. To feel scared for something
5. The act of moving in the air
6. Kind of cloth that you can use in your head
7. A phrase that you say in Haloween to obtain sweets
8. Style of dress of a character (vampire, pumpkin,etc.)
9. A big plant with lots of leaves and brunches
10. The opposite of false
11. Part of the body which have fingers and nails
12. Woman who practice magic
13. Invastigate about something
14. A day with an specific celebration
15. A person who is alive