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basic vocabulary on hairdressing

Author: Dulęba Alina
Description: Match words with definitions.
Keywords: hairdressing, hair, hair salon, , , , online teaching

0. hair stylist
1. blow dryer
2. shampoo chair
3. hair stylist
4. hairdo
5. gown
6. comb
7. barber
8. wide tooth comb
9. curling iron
10. colorist
11. curler
12. flat iron
13. to finger-comb
14. sideburns
15. clipper

0. a tool made up of two flat metal pieces to straighten hair
1. a device used on clippers to regulate hair length
2. is to comb hair using the fingers
3. a plastic or metal cylinder used to create a curl shape in hair
4. someone to styles hair
5. a sideburn is the hair grown down both the siedes of a man%27s face
6. electric tool used to cut hair
7. a seat that is designed for giving clients a shampoo
8. a person who cuts man%27s hair and provides shaving
9. someone who professionaly colors peoples%27 hair
10. a tool that dries hair by blowing hot air on it
11. a piece of electrical equipment that produces curls
12. a loose garment that covers the outer clothing during a haircut
13. an object with teeth along wide side that is used to untangle hair
14. someone who cuts and styles hair
15. a hairstyle