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Description: Match up the words with their definitions. NOTE THE TIME LIMIT IS 10 MINUTES!
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0. Character set
1. Repetitive Strain Injury
2. Progam counter
3. Accumulator
4. Skewing
5. Resolution independent
6. Two%27s Complement
7. Interface
8. RAM
9. Buffer
10. Cache
11. Instruction Register
12. Non-maskable interrupt
13. Control Bus
14. ALU
15. Address Bus

0. Holds the instruction currently being executed
1. Image size does not affect display quality
2. also called %22volatile memory%22
3. Memory that sits between the processor %26 RAM
4. Flip bits and add 1 to get negative no in binary
5. Has these lines: read, write, reset, interrupt
6. Used to exchange data with a slow-acting peripheral
7. Holds the address of the next instruction
8. Caused by repeated awkward actions on keyboard
9. A problem with parallel transmission
10. Cannot be ignored by the CPU
11. Used to carry out computations.
12. Sits between CPU and a peripheral
13. Uni-directional. Used to pinpoint memory location.
14. Set of characters used by a keyboard
15. Used by ALU to hold numberf for calculations