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Description: Match up the words with their definitions. NOTE THE TIME LIMIT IS 10 MINUTES!
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0. Instruction Register
1. Control Bus
2. Cache
3. Skewing
4. Accumulator
5. ALU
6. Interface
7. Buffer
8. Resolution independent
9. Progam counter
10. RAM
11. Repetitive Strain Injury
12. Character set
13. Non-maskable interrupt
14. Address Bus
15. Two%27s Complement

0. Has these lines: read, write, reset, interrupt
1. Memory that sits between the processor %26 RAM
2. Used by ALU to hold numberf for calculations
3. A problem with parallel transmission
4. Caused by repeated awkward actions on keyboard
5. Set of characters used by a keyboard
6. Uni-directional. Used to pinpoint memory location.
7. Flip bits and add 1 to get negative no in binary
8. Used to exchange data with a slow-acting peripheral
9. Holds the address of the next instruction
10. Image size does not affect display quality
11. Used to carry out computations.
12. also called %22volatile memory%22
13. Sits between CPU and a peripheral
14. Holds the instruction currently being executed
15. Cannot be ignored by the CPU