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Washington Review Game

Author: Ekwue Grace
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1. One of the most pressing issues facing Washington was
A) the unstable economy
B) making sure British soldiers had left America
C) where to live
D) appointing members to the Supreme Court

2. The Whiskey Rebellion established the idea that
A) a new constitution was needed
B) Congress did not have the right to tax domestic products
C) luxury items like whiskey would be taxed
D) the government would enforce its laws with force, if necessary

3. One part of Hamilton’s financial plan for the country was the creation of
A) state run banks
B) a national bank
C) national currency
D) state taxes

4. Arguments over which of the following led to the creation of the first political parties?
A) individual rights
B) powers of the president
C) interpretation of the Constitution
D) remaining neutral

5. In his Farewell Address, Washington warned the United States to avoid:
A) Congress
B) business deals
C) a national bank
D) permanent alliances

6. Which of the following events was the greatest threat to maintaining peace during Washington’s presidency?
A) War of 1812
B) Whiskey Rebellion
C) Louisiana Purchase
D) Setting up a cabinet

7. Alexander Hamilton played an important role in of which of the following actions?
A) purchasing Louisiana
B) creating a national bank
C) fighting the War of 1812
D) making trade deals with France

8. After Washington left office, the first political parties in the United States were created because of political differences between:
A) Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Paine
B) John Adams and George Washington
C) George Washington and James Madison
D) Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

9. What is a precedent?
A) something that sets a standard or example for the future
B) issues within a country
C) the intro to the Constitution
D) something done for the good of the country