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Greek theatre

Author: cabarcos María
Description: Would you like to learn something about the Greek Theatre while you are having fun? Let%27s try this quiz game about the most important words used in the Greek Theatre. Now, read the questions and choose the correct answer. Are you ready?
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1. What is the kilon?
A) the entry for the chorus
B) the tiers which were built in a semicircle in the slopes of the
C) the building located in the foot of the hill.
D) The seats for spectators

2. what is the body painting?
A) It is a picture held around the neck
B) it is an art that consists of painting the wall with the body.
C) it is a type of music
D) it is an art the consists of painting the body simulating a costume.

3. What was a crane?
A) the Aeorema
B) the ekkyclema
C) the periaktoi
D) the kilom

4. What were the Greek theatre tecniques?
A) narrating and dancing.
B) narrating, dancing, acting, singing and unison.
C) narrating, dancing, acting and painting.
D) narrating

5. What is the meaning of “performance”?
A) an artistic or dramatic production.
B) to pretend to be someone.
C) a person viewing anything.
D) to alter or be altered radically in form, function, etc.

6. What was a “mask” in the Greek theatre?
A) a word used to express satisfaction with the play.
B) It didn%27t exist
C) Something similar to a helmet that was used to cover the face.
D) a script used by performers in plays and films