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Greece Unit Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: polis, hoplite, sparta, athens, Alexander the Great, , online teaching

0. hoplite
1. Ideas/skills Mycenaeans borrowed/stole from Minoans
2. What did hoplites carry into battle?
3. What caused decline of Mycenaean civiliization?
4. How did geography contribute to Greek identity?
5. Why did many Greeks colonize nearby lands?
6. acropolis
7. polis
8. Who were the Mycenaeans
9. requirements for citizenship in early Greek city-states
10. From what group did the Greeks learn to make an alphabet?
11. Five ways ancient Greeks typically earned a living
12. What is a colony?
13. Crete
14. agora
15. How did the ancient Minoans earn their wealth?

0. 9-foot spear (dory), sword (xiphon), shield (hoplon)
1. Phoenicians
2. Originally from central Asia, these people invaded Minoans
3. mountains %26 waterways kept people separate - loyal to polis
4. bronze work, shipbuilding, navigating, trade, even goddess
5. There was a food shortage because of fast rising population
6. free, native-born MEN who owned property
7. Earthquakes and fighting lead to poverty %26 a dark age in Greece.
8. fishing, sailing, trading, farming, raising livestock
9. main gathering place in city-state; fortified hill with temples
10. open area which served as a marketplace %26 area for debates
11. the island that Minoans were from
12. Greek term for city-state (like a tiny, independent country)
13. citizen soldier (like militia instead of professional soldiers)
14. A settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties to its homeland
15. trade in the Mediterranean