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Greece Unit Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: It is important that you play all four games for ancient Greece to get a good feel for what you%27ll see on your test. On this particular game, there are 64 different questions. You%27ll probably need to play through at least five times before you see all of them. If you can make a 100%25 five times in a row, I think you%27ll do very well on your exam. :) Good luck!
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0. Persia
1. What drew scholars to visit Alexandria, Egypt?
2. agora
3. How did the ancient Minoans earn their wealth?
4. How did Athenians survive a long seige by Sparta?
5. polis
6. satrapies
7. Influences from ancient Greece
8. Iliad
9. Who won the Battle of Thermopylae?
10. helot
11. What caused decline of Mycenaean civiliization?
12. oligarchy
13. Cyrus the Great
14. Legacy
15. Athens

0. citizens elect peole to make political decisions for them.
1. democracy, drama, literature, art, and architecture
2. combined Greek forces
3. trade and agri-culture (It was the trade center of Greece.)
4. Athenian general who came up with plan to fight Persians
5. Persians
6. Slaves, women, and foreign-born men
7. Defend members against the Persians %26 drive Persians out
8. 20 provinces that Darius divided the empire into for easy gov.
9. monotheistic religion of Persia-free will - good beats evil
10. Greek city-state with firm government %26 a focus on war
11. someone who takes power by force %26 rules w/ total authority
12. This non-Greek group from Crete focused on Medi-terranean trade
13. Alexander the Great
14. the belief in the existence of many gods and-or goddesses
15. the belief in the existence of only one god