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Description: Match the terms with its definition.
Keywords: french, revolution, Napoleon, king, battles, , online teaching

0. Battle of Trafalgar
1. guerrilla
2. Hundred Days
3. Continental System
4. plebiscite
5. Waterloo
6. balance of power
7. Scorched-earth policy
8. Napoleonic Code
9. Congress of Vienna
10. Napoleon Bonaparte
11. legitimacy
12. Holy Alliance
13. Peninsular War
14. Klemens von Metternich
15. blockade

0. Napoleon’s policy of preventing trade and communication
1. Military leader who seized power in France
2. Key leader at the Congress of Vienna
3. an agreement between Napoleon and church
4. Bringing back to power the kings that Napoleon had driven out
5. British defeat of Napoleon’s forces at sea
6. Meetings held in Vienna to restore order in Europe.
7. Spanish peasant fighter
8. Napoleon%27s war fought in Spain
9. Napoleon’s last bid of power, which ended at Waterloo
10. takeover of a government suddenly
11. League formed by Russia, Austria, and Prussia
12. Vote by the people
13. Condition in which no one country becomes a threat to the other
14. Battle that was Napoleon’s final defeat. (in Belgium)
15. Laws made by Napoleon