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santa maria in porto

Author: rossi giacomo
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1. how kind of plant the basilica has?
A) octagonal
B) Latin cross
C) greek cross
D) semicircular

2. how much naves the basilica has?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 5
D) 7

3. what kind of vault there in the aisles?
A) ribbed vault
B) groin vault
C) barrel vault
D) ogee

4. what kind of stone is used for the façade of the basilica?
A) marble
B) slate
C) istrian stone
D) granite

5. when Camillo Morigia finished the basilica%27s façade?
A) 1553
B) 1895
C) 1784
D) 1942

6. what orders the façade presents
A) doric
B) ionic
C) tuscan
D) corithian

7. when the basilica costruction starts?
A) 1422
B) 1604
C) 899
D) 1553

8. where the emblem of monastery is?
A) over the central window
B) over the gate
C) inside of the basilica
D) is represented in the glass of the central window

9. what elements characterise the apse?
A) span square
B) gothic colums
C) ribbed voult
D) semicircular apse