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P.62 Reading and Vocabulary No.1

Author: Yu Paul
Description: Please select the correct choice for each question.
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1. If your leg is broken you need to......
A) get into the opening
B) Add pressure to the broken are with bandages
C) remain still and throw your shirt or hat away from you
D) seek a safe location immediately

2. To deal with a charging bull you need to......
A) Shout for help
B) lie down on the ground
C) look for a metal fence
D) fight

3. To avoid being struck by lightning you need to.....
A) get an umbrella
B) get into the open fields
C) hide under an isolated tree
D) get under a desk

4. When you are dealing with a charging bull, if a safe haven is not available, you need to
A) use an item to distract the bull
B) run away
C) give up
D) get a gun

5. To survive an earthquake when you are driving you need to.......
A) run away, leaving your car
B) dive into a river or a sea
C) get as high as possible
D) stop your car in the open

6. When you are treating an injured leg you need to.....
A) just leave it
B) Fidnd two stiff objects of the same length, for the splints
C) run as fast as you can to get to a hospital
D) take a break