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Author: Sá Monica
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1. I enjoy_____ to friends late at night
A) to talk
B) talk
C) talking
D) talks

2. we used _____ in New York
A) to live
B) live
C) living
D) to leave

3. He can%27t stand _____ laundry
A) to do
B) do
C) does
D) doing

4. she never minds ____ us.
A) to help
B) help
C) helping
D) helps

5. I want_____ problems
A) solving
B) to solve
C) solve
D) solves

6. I%27m good at _____ to people
A) to talk
B) talk
C) talking
D) do talk

7. I prefer ____ on the roads
A) to drive
B) drive
C) driving
D) do drive

8. I would rather ____ by plane
A) to travel
B) travel
C) traveling
D) do travel

9. I should ______ for a job very soon
A) look
B) looking
C) to look
D) looks

10. we must _____ that place
A) to visit
B) visit
C) visiting
D) do visit