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Gerund and Infinitive

Author: Grammarnazi Tatiana
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0. I see no harm of
1. Life has a nasty habit
2. The rabbit had no chance
3. He came here with the purpose
4. I had no means
5. She had the idea
6. He was valued for his skill
7. The main reason
8. The pilot started preparations
9. There%27s no point
10. The report emphasizes the importance
11. They had great difficulty
12. She has a sincere interest
13. The job requires prior experience
14. I never quite mastered the art
15. He has a master plan

0. of telling him I would be late.
1. of starting her own business.
2. of improving safety standards.
3. in finding a replacement of such a good specialist.
4. in raising money for the company.
5. for living in Spain is the weather.
6. of walking in high heels.
7. drinking coffee.
8. of repeating itself.
9. for becoming a millionaire.
10. in worrying.
11. in painting.
12. in advertising.
13. for landing.
14. of carrying out the attack.
15. of outrunning the dogs.