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Geography Terms

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: Match the term with the correct definition, description, or example.
Keywords: Coordinates, Cardinal Directions, Intermediate Directions, Latitude %26 Longitude, Geography, , online teaching

0. Correct Format for coordinates
1. Longitude Lines
2. Latitude Lines
3. Equator
4. Cardinal Directions
5. Absolute Location
6. Intermediate Directions
7. Longitude Lines
8. Degrees
9. Compass Rose
10. Hemisphere
11. Tip for finding or providing directions between places
12. Relative Location
13. Prime Meridian
14. Latitude Lines
15. Relative Location

0. The location of an area defined by its exact position on Earth %26 given in coordinates
1. units of measure used when finding absolute location ex: 24˚ N
2. 0˚ Latitude starting point for finding latitude
3. half of a sphere; in geography - half of Earth
4. 0˚ Longitude starting point for finding longitude
5. (Latitude #˚, Longitude #˚)
6. A design on a map that shows the directions
7. the four main directions: North, East, South, %26 West
8. also called parallels
9. also called meridians
10. run north %26 south but measure distances East %26 West of the Prime Meridian
11. run east %26 west but measure distances North %26 South of the Equator
12. The location of an area defined by it%27s relationship to another area
13. Start with the %22FROM%22 and end with the %22TO%22.
14. the directions which lie in between the cardinal directions NE, NW, SE, SW
15. You can find AR on a map by looking NE or TX or W of TN.